Beechtree Nursing home & Christmas puddings – Keeping traditions alive

Keeping traditions alive, is this important in the times we live in? In a consumer driven economy where convenience is the motivating factor for so much, where do some of our older traditions fit in.

Beechtree Nursing Home feels keeping old traditions alive and active keeps our residents connected with the life they had growing up, stirring fond memories and nurturing a sense of well being. As we grow older keeping those connections with our younger days become even more important.

This week Beechtree’s wonderful kitchen staff with Janice at the helm joined together with the residents to carry out this old tradition of making the Christmas puddings.

As children growing up stirring the pudding and making a wish was something many of us looked forward to, I know there was many a new toy or even a pony wished for!

Often households had their own recipe for Christmas pudding, some handed down through families for generations. The recipe brings together what traditionally were expensive or luxurious ingredients — notably the sweet spices that are so important in developing its distinctive rich aroma, and usually made with suet. The mixture is moistened with the juice of citrus fruits, brandy and other alcohol (some recipes call for dark beers such as mild stout or porter).

It was common practice to include small silver coins in the pudding mixture, which could be kept by the person whose portion included them.
The puddings have been made in Beechtree and we look forward to lighting the pudding Christmas morning and sampling a taste (possibly smothered with cream or custard!)

Bon appetit