Mindfulness for the Elderly


In a busy world it can often be difficult to find some quiet time to ourselves. Here at Beechtree we run to a different time, a time which promotes and nurtures a space where we can practise this worthwhile tradition of Mindfulness Meditation.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of sitting down daily in a quiet place and holding our awareness of the present moment. Yes it is that straight forward! Mindfulness is not religious. It is a form of being present in the moment instead of getting caught up with the story our mind is trying to tell us, by over thinking, analysing and trying to control situations and “getting caught up with drama”.
The practice of Mindfulness can lead us to change things that can be changed and accept things that cannot be changed. When we are mindful we are content instead of wishing for things to be different.
Gautama Buddha, who lived in the 6th century, suggested that the source of suffering came from our attempt to escape from our direct life experiences.
When you read this idea of what Mindfulness is, it suggests that we may benefit hugely from practising it.

The Benefits of Mindfulness in the Elderly
In our aging population, loneliness, depression, and anxiety are often things that can affect us as we get older. The transition into a nursing home can be stressful and can sometimes lead to the person feeling like they are forgotten about by the “outside world” It can take time to readjust and embrace their new home.
Daily practice in Mindfulness may help our elderly to find peace within themselves.

Research indicates that Mindfulness for the elderly is an encouraging intervention.

Here at Beechtree Nursing Home we have recently introduced the practice of Mindfulness for our residents. The feedback has been really positive from those who took part.

Some of the suggested Benefits of Mindfulness for the Elderly
• Relaxation
• Improved sleep
• Activation of the ‘happy’ part of the brain
• Mental stimulation
• Strengthening of the immune system
• Enhances self- awareness
• Controls Anxiety
• Generates Kindness

Is Mindfulness for me or my loved ones?
Many of us have probably tried Meditation at some point in our lives; Mindfulness is a form of meditation.
I have been down to the quiet room before and after the mindfulness session and once you enter the room there is a feeling of instant relaxation, which leads to a deeper connection to ourselves by removing us from the petty details of the day. So why not start by introducing mindfulness into your lives. If you would like some additional reading on this subject here are a couple of useful links to help you reach that quiet place in your mind!

What is Mindfulness